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Mattress Cleaning

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mattress cleaningCleaning your mattress every six months to 1 year is the optimal way to maintain its condition.  Other accidents such as stains, odours, water damage, and bed bugs may require urgent attention. In either event, we’re here to make the process quick, easy and affordable.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners services, removes soil, dirt, viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland.

Your Mattresses with Dust Mites

Infrequent mattress cleaning can leave mattresses susceptible to dust mites. Invisible to the human eye, they breed and live primarily in mattresses and feed on dead skin cells. The dead bodies and faeces of dust mites are allergens, and for many people, cause asthma, rhinitis or dermatitis.

Dust Mite Contamination

Sufferers may experience Eczema, Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Inflammation, Itchy Red Eyes, Headaches, Sinus Pain, Fatigue, early morning fits of extreme sneezing and even depression waking.

Dust mites are small. As many as 1,000 can fit on the head of a pin. There may be hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dust mites inhabiting your bed.

It’s surprising to know that many people aren’t aware that you can clean a mattress.  Like most other fabrics, mattresses soil over time, especially with the average person that spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping.  This is much more time than one would wear a favourite t-shirt or outfit and clean these items after each use.  Also, sanitise your mattress in less time than it takes to wash a load of laundry.

Pro-clean your Mattresses as it:

  • prevents the build-up of biological matter
  • contains the gathering allergens such as dust mite, pet dander, pollen
  • removes mattress stains
  • removes mattress odour
  • protects the fabric quality

Mattress Cleaning Auckland

We spend almost one-third of our life in mattresses. Putting on clean sheets is not enough to say the bed is clean. It would be best if you also considered what’s underneath the sheets, and people rarely think of cleaning them. There might be hidden dirt absorbed by the mattress, causing a foul smell and itchiness when you lie down. Your bed is exposed to various things such as sweat, dust, skin flakes, drool, and even a kid’s urine. Even with regular vacuuming or changing the sheets, you can’t remove the debris on your mattress.

We are providing professional mattress cleaning services in Auckland. At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners remove soil, dirt, viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland. The team of cleaners removes every stain or spot and ensures it’s free of such allergens.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Mattress Cleaners

It is a three-step method that is suitable for sanitising mattresses. This method of cleaning completely removes dust, dust mites and dead skin flakes.

Are there dust mites in my mattress?

Most likely, yes, there are mites in over 95% of mattresses. Many with high concentrations cause allergic reactions in people who never exhibited any allergic tendencies.

Stain Removal

Mattress urine stains can be a long-term reminder of a past accident. The earlier a urine stain is addressed, the better the chances it can be removed. If not released on time, the liquid will deepen into your mattress, damage the fibres, and start rusting the inner springs. Adverse effects include “squeaky” beds, mould and mildew.

Clean Sleep Technology refreshes your mattress by extracting the liquid and applying our organic treatment to neutralise stains and odours that can creep deep within and linger for months. Since urine is a protein stain, there are cleaning principles for removing it effectively. If not done correctly, you risk leaving moisture inside your bed, leading to even more problems.

Methods To Kill Dust Mites

Many seeking reliefs look for reliable information on topics such as:

  • How to kill dust mites
  • How to get rid of dust mites
  • Relief from dust mites

Vacuuming and hot steam cleaning such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners have been shown to kill and remove dust mites and the allergens they create.  Neither step does it alone: it is a combination of vacuuming, heat, and steam with low moisture content that has shown the most effectiveness.  Excessive heat reduces the humidity level and also creates an environment not suitable for their survival.  Furthermore, information linking ultraviolet C’s effect on deactivating dust mite eggs adds to the fight against the irritants.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners equipment.

We remove more soil dirt viruses, germs, and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland. From these facts, counter these pests decisively.

Odour Removal

Odours take away from what could otherwise be a comfortable sleep. Odours can penetrate deeply within a mattress surface and be difficult to remove if not treated properly. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland mattresses cleaners services, releasing soil, dirt, viruses, germs, and allergens. It targets the surface and the subsurface where stains and odours linger for long periods until disrupted.

Bed Bugs Control Mattresses

Although pest control is the most effective starting treatment for bed bug infestation, many people have concerns with the ongoing health risks of having your mattress full of poison. Also, Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners use 80°C hot steam, killing bed buds. It also removes soil, dirt, viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland. Indeed, the current knowledge on bed bug treatment on mattresses is to throw them out and replace them. Pest control companies fighting bed bug infestations affect you the most – in your bed.  You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, and having your mattress with enough pesticides to kill a host of bed bugs may leave long-lasting health risks for you and your family.

Mattress Allergy Relief

A significant part of the quest towards allergy relief resides in your surroundings: both indoors and outdoors. In Auckland households, dust mite allergens are most common that can cause a restless night’s sleep. Cleaning and sanitising a mattress removes dirt, dust, parasites and accidents. Thus, providing sanitary and allergen-free sleeping space is quite essential. The link between sleep quality and overall effectiveness is not emphasised with the fast-pacing lifestyles many have today. Nevertheless, clearing the obstacles to good rest and sleep hygiene can lead to positive health benefits.

Dust Mite Allergens Control

The prevalence of asthma in the United States has increased steadily since 1980. This increase has been linked to the time people indoors rising by 90%, which cause many to conclude a vital link between indoors and asthma.

The  Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland, superior truck-mounted mattress cleaners, kills coronaviruses, bacteria, dust mites, germs, and pathogens. Get the best quality mattress cleaning Auckland results with the most extensive truck mount equipment. Family-owned since 1987. Best online carpet cleaning reviews.

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Published: 28/05/2020 Updated: 27/05/2021