Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods in Auckland Services

carpet cleaning methodsLearn how we use the best carpet cleaning methods. To keep the carpet look new and fresh, whether you decide to go with a professional carpet cleaning company such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland services 1987. In South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland.

If you choose to apply a DIY carpet cleaning, there are various carpet cleaning methods that you can use.

While choosing the best cleaning methods for your property, you will need to know different carpet cleaning methods to better your carpets’ care.

Here are the Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Steam Cleaning

This type is also known as hot water extraction. Steam cleaning is the most thorough method of carpet cleaning available. It is the recommendation from carpet manufacturers. This method uses high temperatures to go deep into your carpet fibres.

The steam is excellent to get dirt in your fibres. Furthermore, killing most of the pests that find their way into your carpet. However, the main disadvantage is longer drying times than other methods.

There are two methods of steam cleaning equipment:

  1. Portable Machine which is on wheels, suitable for apartment and high rise options.
  2. Truck-mounted cleaner machines are more significant and performance-wise. Also, a supportive idea by the world’s largest manufacturers. The Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland premium services in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland. Superior Truck-Mount Use 80°C Hot Steam Kills Coronaviruses, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and PathogensGet the best quality carpet cleaning Auckland results with the performance-wise truck mount equipment.
Steam Cleaning – How it works?

They are also termed hot water extraction or steam cleaning. The carpet is pre-conditioned with a chemical reagent that liquefies soils and oil-based substances present in the carpet fibres. Water is heated to a temperature near its boiling point and pressure, then inject into the carpet. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the solution is to do vacuum cleaning.


It gets rid of soiling from deep down in the carpet.

Also, it allows the use of high temperatures, pressures, and chemical concentrates.

Likewise, it permits the extension of dwell times for the reaction of cleaning solvents.

In addition, chemical reactivity by agitation with a grooming tool or extraction wand.

Indeed, it is the most widely used method.

It is the recommendation by carpet manufacturers and industry cleaning experts.


The reduction of relatively long drying time with the use of powerful equipment will occur.

Also, expensive truck mount equipment is for the best efficiency.

Without a doubt, relatively high-cost factors.

Encapsulating Dry Cleaning

Unlike steam cleaning, this method uses very little to no water. The drying times are indeed minimal to non-existent. Dry cleaning involves a powder from solvent and using a particular buffer to work it in. Also, clean the carpet with a vacuum thoroughly. Consequently, dry cleaning is ideal for a quick surface cleaning but is nowhere near as thorough as the steam method.

Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound, How it works?

A mixture of powder with special solvents and cleaning agents coats over the carpet and then works into the carpet fibres with a machine having counter-rotating brushes. The powder absorbs soils in the carpet fibres. After allowing it to set on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes, finally vacuum and clean.


It is a straightforward system with no special technical training as a requirement.

Certainly, speedy drying typically only takes about 20 minutes before the carpet can be back in service.


The powder may be trapped in plush pile carpets and left to build up over time.

Also, it can cause excessive dust build-up in the home.

Lastly, unable to clean deep down into the carpet.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Shampooing carpet consists of pouring a solution onto the brush of a buffer and working a small area at a time. Ideally, you would go over the regions 2-3 times for the best results. After shampooing, consequently, vacuum the carpet. Typically the solutions for shampooing contain brighteners that can make your carpet look very good afterwards.

Dry-Chem Bonnet Cleaning

Another version of shampooing. Rather than use a brush, a bonnet is attached to the buffer. The pad is dipped into the shampoo solution and then worked into the carpet. Once the bonnet pad gets soiled, it is either cleaned and reused or replaced with a clean one.

The bonnet is a bit more effective than traditional brushes. Thus, drying times with this method take around 30 minutes on average.

Dry-Chem Cleaning with an absorbent pad – How it works?

Bonnet cleaning for routine light support. It can also be for regular carpet cleaning. Firstly, vacuum the carpet and then spray a chemical solution with a hand pump or electric sprayer. Finally, allow it to stay on the carpet for a suitable dwell or reaction time.

The absorbent pad bonnet, which looks like a towel, is placed on a rotary floor. Thus, it spun over the carpet surface at 100 to 250 per minute. This action soaks the carpet fibres with the chemical solution and then picks it up with the soils afterwards.


It is fast, simple, and inexpensive.

Indeed, it works fine with lightly-soiled carpets.


It only cleans the top one-third of carpet fibres, incapable of reaching deeper down.

Also, it leaves dirt and chemicals at the bottom of the carpet fibres.

Foam Cleaning

This method is similar to shampooing. Pour the cleaning foam into the carpet using a brush. Afterwards, the solution is left to dry for a couple of hours and then do the extraction using a vacuum.

Dry foam or rotary shampoo method – How it works?

Apply a cleaning agent to suspend dirt and debris in the carpet. Whip into foam, and work into the carpet fibres with a particular machine’s rotating brushes.


Fast, simple to apply, and inexpensive.

Also, rotating brushes provide excellent agitation.

A small amount of moisture allows the fast drying of the carpet.


Unable to achieve thorough soil extraction below the surface of the carpet.

Unfortunately, high temperatures usually not achieved.

Finally, excessive wetting possible with gear malfunction.

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Carpet Cleaning Methods & Reviews

Experienced, researched and written by Mr Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. With over 34 years of disinfecting and carpet cleaning Auckland services experience.

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