Steam Cleaning Benefits

Steam Cleaning Benefits

Steam is a natural source of clean water that is heated up to create a powerful cleaning force. In fact, it is fast becoming the preferred method for keeping your home dirt and grime free. It offers steam cleaning benefits over traditional chemical cleaning. Steam Cleaning Benefits

The cleaning industry is one of the largest service-oriented types of businesses in New Zealand. There are thousands of residential and home cleaning companies in the country. Seemingly almost as many types of cleaning processes. Modern equipment and procedures and technical training now make steam a lot safer to handle. Also to use in the cleaning process than it was years ago. Learn about some of the steam cleaning benefits from the experts.

5 Steam Cleaning Benefits

1. Non-Toxic.

Steam cleaning kills 99.99% of bacteria as well as doesn’t require the use of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Only heat and water are used. Meaning your house remains free from chemical residue and pollution.

2. Child & Pet Friendly.

The non-toxic nature of steam cleaning makes your home a much safer environment for children and pets.

3. Allergies.

People with allergies and asthma will benefit significantly from the steam cleaning. It uses only water and heat to create all-natural steam that removes dirt and grime from any non-heat sensitive surface.

4. Cheaper.

The only cost for steam cleaning is for the water and electricity used to heat it. Comparing that number with the repeated cost of purchasing detergents, cleaners and other products used throughout the home, and steam cleaning come out on top.

5. Mold Removal.

Once mold starts growing, particularly in the bathroom, it can produce harmful and deadly mycotoxins that can cause a host of health problems. Bleach does not actually kill the mold; instead, it just turns it white so it blends in with the surface. The high temperature of steam cleaning kills the mold while the bristles of attachments can remove it from the cracks and hard to reach places altogether.

Just make sure you research and read through steam cleaner reviews to make sure you buy the right unit for your needs.

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